Month: May 2020

Defining “Vision” in “Computer Vision”

Computer Vision also referred as Vision is the recent cutting edge field within computer science that deals with enabling computers, devices or machines, in general, to see, understand, interpret or manipulate what is being seen. Computer Vision technology implements deep learning techniques and in few cases also employs Natural Language Processing techniques as a natural progression of steps to

Artificial Intelligence Simplified

To learn more, check out my publication with apress on this topic. The definition of Artificial Intelligence has evolved ever since its first reference in 1956 at the Dartmouth conference. From emulating how the human brain works to solving focused, complex problems, doing all that a human can do like

Deep Learning Simplified

Encouraged by all the responses to my previous “Simplified” blog series on Reinforcement learning and Ensemble learning, I am writing this blog covering Deep learning basics in a step-by-step manner. The primary aim of this blog is to enforce mastering the neural networks and related deep learning techniques conceptually. With

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